Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SPOTSHOTS: Glowing Ones

Here are my favorites of the night...
It's such a delight meeting new beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes and great attitude!

My All Time Favorite Soraya
The Spikes Necklace is such a statement.
The Only One in Animal Print
His Ralph Lauren Satchel
Primadonna Brogues
The Shearling is gorgeous!

Last but not the least...
I already adored her the moment I saw her.
The lovely lady is Jusan Sison

Aside from being a student and a model, Jusan is also a blogger! Her blog is called: This Blog Is My Runway!

Classy and Sexy in Sheer
Her Chanel purse.

My Muse of the Night!

Lovin' Life;

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