Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sisters of the Sun


Here are the few summer clothes my friends wore during our Island hopping at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Karen, in a bad-girl-in-the-beach look.

Her white boho skirt is so pretty to look at.
With her Panama hat to spice up that -"beachy" mode.
The back detail of her top is tattered and low back, giving the outfit a whole new attitude.

Veron for the hippie look.

Although she's wearing a dark colored top, the material is sheer.
Her gorgeous RayBan aviators, the knotted bandana on her head and the tribal printed bikini makes the ensemble looks intresting.

To complete the hippie look, of course, the peace sign has to be present.

Yazmin for the flirty & fun look.

The sundress with playful prints in sea colors and the straw sun hat is effortless yet sexy and fashionable.

Loving Life;

Sunday, April 22, 2012

TasteBuds: Tasting Malaysia


Here are some of the most memorable food I have eaten in Malaysia.
Price range of 4-10RM.

This on looks like an egg omelette.
With a hot sauce swirled on top of it.

Nasi Goreng Pataya

Once you sliced it...
It is stuffed with fried rice mixed carrots, corn, egg, green peas, slices of shrimp and squid.

The huge serving of Deep Fried Shrimp.

Mixed with crab meat, egg and vegetables.

Deep Fried Squid

Mongolian Chicken
Black Pepper Fish

Although I didn't eat this, I just wanted to include it because it's interesting.

Curry Deer Meat

Exciting luscious drinks to beat the heat.

Mixed with different fruits such as, watermelon, pears, papaya, mangoes, dragon fruit and apples.
In sweet syrup and sago pearls.

My ultimate favorite.
The Lemongrass Milk Tea.

Loving Life;

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blue Wave


Summer here in the Philippines starts from March and ends in May.
These are the times when most people will spend their vacation going to the beach.
My friends and I wanted to do something different instead of doing the usual which is going to Boracay Island.
Kota Kinabalu was our destination.

My pictures were taken on a seaport. 
We were on our way for an island hopping at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. The Sapi, Mamutik and Gaya islands. 

top: Bangkok, DIY shorts: Guess?, flats: ER Jing Yi, scarf: to order online thru my sister

dogtag: YRYS, watch: Relic

Loving Life;

Monday, April 2, 2012

Range of Orange

My summer has officially started!
Am set to travel Kota Kinabalu and Brunei for 5 days!

The first two pictures were taken before heading the airport.

My arrival at the airport, I decided to wear my black jacket. Which one is better?

 jacket: Colour Men, shirt: Mogao, blazer: vintage blazer gifted by my sister: Carol Antone, shorts: Volcom, shoes: Underground, bag: Salvatore Mann, watch: Relic, shades: SM Accessories, socks: F&H

Loving Life;