Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Bangkok Streetstyle 3

Here are few shots of the Bangkok nightlife.

Love Life;

Monday, April 22, 2013



Getting sick is not fun at all.
It caused a lot of delay posting this entry, missing out work and yes, parties.
But I need to rest, although am still feeling that well, glad I'm back in my right mind. haha

This outfit I've worn like last month's event. Such delay. Tsk.
You know, those moments when you were in a hurry and you don't know what to wear so you just grabbed something you've been thinking for quite sometime and you haven't really worn it? So, yeah that's what happened.
I just love this shirt from Culture.
The fabric feels really good on the skin and the mix of colors is simply perfect.
I paired it with my mallow colored pants.
It's a no brainer ensemble yet very comfortable to rock the dancefloor.

top: Culture
pants: D&F Jeans
shades: SM Accessories
spiked cuff: Brunei
photography: Paulo Caparas

Love Life;