Sunday, March 31, 2013

StyleFile 004


Bangkok Streetstyle 2

I continue my StyleFile still with Bangkok Streetstyle and this time I took photos of fashionable pairs.
These fabulous duos can be seen anywhere in Bangkok.
From train stations, markets and even at temples!

Happy Easter everyone!

Love Life;

Friday, March 22, 2013

Give Trance A Chance


It was a one different friday night as everyone experienced Trance in a different way - "rave", "goa trance", "psy trance".
Shaksuka Project presents "Give Trance A Chance"!
Trance lovers gathered to cheer and dance without any inhibitions.
People were simply enjoying the night with the beautiful music.
It was held in The Roof Restaurant & Bar.
The venue was filled with black lights making almost everything glow in the dark.
Lanterns spinning, neon tops, artworks, skeletons -even our eyes and teeth!
It was very amusing to watch.

I cannot wait for another Psychedelic Party!

Charlene Singson, Kimberly Alvarez & Renee Hasani

Nica Mendoza & Cam Valdeabella
Pat Santos &Lloyd Gonzales
My TTD Family
Nicola Yulo
ME! Trying to create one! haha :p

Love Life;

Friday, March 15, 2013



I love wearing blazers. It transforms the whole look once you wear it. 
It is very easy to wear and you can pair it up with almost anything from t-shirts to polo shirts.
Pants or shorts. It can pull off a formal or rugged look.

During the concert of Jessica Sanchez, I wore this outfit because I wanted to look a bit formal. 
My black blazer is just perfect to make it look formal. The zipper detail makes it look unique.
Black and white is no brainer to mix and match, so I paired it up with my B&W checkered top and B&W brogues from Milanos.
Yes, those pair of shoes is such a darling! 
I had to wait for it to go on sale so that I can buy 2 pairs of different colors!
To complete my formal look I wore my glassless glasses from Rebel Gear.
Wondering why I have a huge bag with me?
That night after the concert I went out of town with friends and our trip was at one in the morning!
My vintage bag was a gift from my beloved sister.
Thank sis!

blazer: Mogao
top: 8Ball
shorts: Mossimo Supply Co.
brogues: Milanos
bag: Christian Dior
glassless glasses: Rebel Gear
photography: Paulo Caparas

Love Life;

Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Over the weekend, one of my scheduled activities was to delete unnecessary files in my laptop. 
It consumed more than an hour of my time for me to do it. 
Battling over myself whether to keep a certain picture or delete it. 
Finally, tons and tons of pictures went straight to the trash bin. 

Am glad I found this set of pictures, it was actually taken mid December last year.
I was on a rush to finish this photshoot since we had to start late afternoon.
Had to pick up the cake and beat the rush hour.
We celebrated our Christmas party in a yatch.
Food and drinks were overflowing!
We had a one hour cruise, exchange of gifts and we watched fireworks display.
That night was crazy, I got so drunk I lost my new phone, my new digicam, my debit card, my gifts -yes the whole purse.

I remember how I cried like a baby waking up with all those things gone.
It wasn't really a pleasant memory, but hey I had fun 99% of the time.
Lesson learned -don't drink too much!
God is good.
Now I have those things replaced something better.

bracelets & shades: SM Accessories
clutch bag: Rio Collection
necklace: Bazaar
top: Folded and Hung
coat: Bangkok
jeans: DIY
boots: JRB Homme
photography: Elijah Venegas

Love Life;