Thursday, February 28, 2013

StyleFile 003


Bangkok Streetstyle

One of the things that will make you fall in love with BKK are the fashionable people. They just love dressing up nice and interesting and clothes there are really cheap!

For the next few entries of StyleFile, I will feature more stylish people of BKK.

This girl has a surprise once she turns around.
Her cool hair!

BKK + Harajuku

And here are some cool dudes of BKK.

 Love Life;

Monday, February 25, 2013



I love going to rave parties, it is where you can literally dance like no is watching you.
You can create your own dance steps, just go with the beat and let the music be your guide. 
Since you will be dancing the night away, wearing something comfortable is very important.
This is where you should dress with style and function at the same time.
What I wore during Trance Energy may look simple but received a lot compliments because my accessories were glowing in the dark.

Here are my personal tips on how to dress at a Rave Party.

1. Wear your "dancing shoes"! - comfy shoes that will make you dance freely and blister-free the next day.

2. Wear something that may work night and day. Most of the time events may end soon as the sun rises.  Something you can wear while having breakfast with your friends after 8 hours of dancing.

3. Wear something light or loose. Expect that you will be sweating one way or the other. So if you have a jacket (just like what am wearing for this post) or any other layer of clothing, make sure you can easily carry it to avoid hassle.

4. Wear something fun and interesting. What's a rave party without bright playful lights and black lights? So sport something neon (like my accessories), glittery and funky. You can go craaaaazy if you want to.

5. Wear your clothes with attitude! -cliche as may sound, but it has to be on the list. What's the use of wearing a fab outfit if you do not know how to carry it.

Party on! 

top: Topman
jacket: Zara
jeans: People Are People
shoes: Underground
necklace: Bangkok
neon bracelets: bazaar
photography: Elijah Venegas

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Dash Berlin #musicislife 2013


Last year Dash Berlin headlined Trance Energy and I missed it!!! 
Not good.
So this year, I made sure that his #musicislife World Tour will be my first event for 2013.
BigFish Trance Energy is responsible for bringing Dash Berlin's world tour in the Philippines.
This was held February 9 at the World Trade Center, which has been a regular venue in hosting Bigfish events. As expected, there were a lot of familiar faces.

After a 2 minute long of introduction, Dash Berlin came out and everyone went crazy! 
He started the night with W & W's "Lift Off" just the right track for everyone was ready to fly! Ravers were cheering and jumping around. He then followed it with his award winning track "Waiting" featuring Australian trance vocalist Emma Hewitt. Everyone was singing along and the room was filled with love.
He also played awesome tracks like his worldwide hit debut "Till The Sky Falls Down", "Better Half of Me", Alesso and Dirty South's "City of Dreams", Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso's "Calling", Deadmau5's "Raise You Weapon" and one of my favorites, the heart-melting "Not Giving Up On Love" by Armin Van Buuren featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor.
After his great set, as expected, DJ John Paul Lee closed the event with a bang!

My friends and I continued the happy vibe at Time's United Under Dance to meet the sunrise. The bar was unbelievably crowded! 
The party was almost never-ending.

Love Life;

Monday, February 18, 2013

Jessica Sanchez LIVE!


YES! You read it right!
Jessica Sanchez just recently came to town.
Finally, I was able to listen the American Idol 11 powerhouse vocalist --LIVE!
I already missed the chance when she first visited the Philippines during the American Idol Live! Tour 2012.
But its okay, this one is way even better.
Why? Well, its her first MAJOR concert, Colton Dixon (am a fan too!) was her special guest and the date? February 14!!! Valentines's Day!
I was so excited that I filed a leave more than a month ahead and bought the tickets right away. Too scared I might not get a good seat.
Anyway, I have been a fan since she started joining the competition and I even featured her HERE.

The concert started 30 minutes late. The crowd were cheering, waiving their glow sticks and mobile phones and screaming her name. To prolong the excitement, Colton Dixon opened the show and sang six songs which includes, "Everything" by Lifehouse, "Rise" and "Never Gone" both taken from his debut album, "A Messenger".

After Dixon's performance, everyone were already at the edge their seats waiting for what will happen next. Then out of the bright lights the young diva finally appeared wearing a silver mini dress and glittery heels singing her own rendition of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". She also sang Michael Jackson's "Human Nature", belted out Beyonce's "Love On Top", Amy Winehouse' "Valerie" (my personal favorite), Adele's "Someone Like You" and Rihanna's "Love The Way You Life", a duet with Dixon.

On her second set, Sanchez came out wearing a white dress created by Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel (Tyra Banks has worn his creations here and here) and surprised the crowd belting out the Tagalog song, "Ikaw" in which she received a standing ovation. She then followed it with her famous American Idol hits (Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You", Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father", Etta James' "Steal Away" and Jennifer Holliday's "And I Am Telling You") as the audience continued to cheer.

Before her finale, her back up singers Blair Perkins and Ariel Sprague performed Bruno Mars' "Locked Out Of Heaven" which gave her time to change. And on her last, set she wore a leather top, black tights and glittery knee-high boots with spike details, looking very edgy. She sang "Fairytale" one of her songs that will be included in her upcoming album. Everyone was standing and in a party mode when she left the stage. The audience went wild begging for more! I was screaming "More! More! More!" She returned and performed her last song "Jump In" a collaboration with of The Black Eyed Peas. 

It was one crazy night! 
What makes it more special? 
I watched the concert with my brother, Elijah. 
A different way of spending my Valentine's Day.

Love Life;


Sunday, February 17, 2013



After months and months of staying away from the cyber world, I have finally decided to have a blog make-over.
The blog "soul searching" did not happen overnight. I made a lot of research and really pondered on how my new blog will be.
I sacrificed a lot of blog-worthy events to share to you guys but it's ok.
I think now is the time for me to officially publish my new blog.

Welcome to 0613 Zoë Avenue.
Come and walk with me.

Its February and I can already feel the summer heat.
I know wearing this kind of outfit under the sun is not advisable. The thick material of my waxed jacket and pants easily absorbs the heat.
I actually work in the evening and that's my excuse.
I would like to thank mom and dad for my shades.

waxed jeans & jacket: Markus
top: Mogao
bag & shoes: Salvatore Mann
shades: Ray-Ban
watch: Altus
photography: Paulo Caparas

Love Life;