Sunday, March 25, 2012

Channeling Charlie

Inspiration: Charlie Chaplain

I was watching a black and white movie and he crossed my mind.
I decided to come up with my own version of Charlie.
Something edgier, a rocker one.
I never expected he can be an inspiration in dressing up.

jacket: Neiman Marcus, longsleeves: Join-In, pants: Giordano, customized boots, fedora: Mogao, watch strap: Aldo, three stars ring: Folded and Hung

The coat was gifted by my sister and the longsleeves by my mom.

Lovin' Life;

1 comment:

  1. So glad to see that coat on you, sometimes we cannot think of how to wear something then in the long run, an idea would come up- off to browsing the closet, here we go, we can wear it after all! I was thinking of the coat, I know you mentioned to me it was warm enough to be worn there, love your ring!!!:(I have a rider boots very similar to yours!