Tuesday, March 13, 2012



My friend Roland invited us to his school's event called: "Glow" A Black Light Party held at The Decagon.
It was a party for the graduating students of San Beda College batch 2088-2012. (and am so done with school years ago!)
I was an hour late and the party has already started.
Music was already pumping and everyone was busy dancing and having fun.
What's good about me being late? I dint have to pay for the entrance nor they asked for my ID.
I just walked right in and there I was, surrounded with beautiful and fabulous kids!
(Some students were asking what batch am from. wink* wink*)

It was a night of overflowing drinks and overflowing smiles!

The Decagon

Unlimited Cocktails in a Giant Goblet

Rollin' Roland!

Miguel & Soraya

Tres Marias

Bondage Back

Lacey Love

I love his top!

Lovin' Life;

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