Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green Day

Am not Irish nor we really celebrate St. Patrick's Day here in the Philippines the way other countries do like Ireland (of course), Canada, Great Britain or even Japan. 
No parades or playing of Irish folk music.
I decided to celebrate it with friends, by simply wearing green, listening to good music and some beer & wine. 

jacket: Colour Men, shirt: Mogao, cargo pants: thrifted, boots: JRB Homme

ring: Oxygen, cuff: Bangkok

Lovin' Life;


  1. It's always great to just have an excuse to wear a certain colour or whatever (even though, gasp, I didn't bother wearing green on St Patrick's Day haha). The leather on those boots look simply divine.

  2. are these the photos from your new cam? My cam's flash was broke na for a long time and the batteries are simply held by a rubber band support haha. I am interested to buy the same cam and it costs half the price here than there for that GE. I like your shirt which says "blog" and the shoes! The pants is familiar, was it mine when i was there? I like your hair with bangs but you still look great and also skinny.

  3. Great look! Fantastic details and amazing green shirt!!<3