Sunday, October 14, 2012

Parferio by Sfree


Looking for best desserts in Bangkok? Make sure to drop by at Parferio by Sfree.
This dessert cafe offers delicious cakes, coffee, crepe parfaits, frozen yogurt, fruit juice, fruit sandwiches, smoothies and tea!
It is not just the menu you will love but also the cozy and stylish place. 

Venetian Tiramisu for ฿85.00 ($2.70)

Violet Dream for ฿89.00 ($2.82)  

Match Frost for ฿109 ($3.45)

What made this visit at Parferio more special? 
It was our last night in Bangkok and my sister's heading back to the U.S. the next day and God-knows-when we will see her again. 
We spent the whole time reminiscing good 'ol days and laughing our hearts out.

Thank you Parferio for being part of that wonderful experience.

Love Life,

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pink Friday


This may be way overdue, but I think I just need to share this post to the world.
Now that September has ended, I am wide awake!
Been sleeping the entire time. Ha!
Nah, I was too busy and my laptop was not cooperating well and for some reason I am not comfortable using other pc or laptop.
I think I am too attached with it.
Have you ever experienced it?
I have to catch up and need to update this blog more often, yes?

Anyway, this was taken during our temple tour in Thailand.
I just love how attractive my neon round shades that I got for almost $2.00 or B5.00 to be exact.
My brother Elijah chose it for me.
He knows me too well. Haha
I think my outfit is simple yet eye-catching.
The striped top against my pink shorts is just perfect.
Pink oh pink!

I dont love staying under the sun but for the sake of getting a good shot, natural light is our bestfriend.
Enjoy the heat!

sunnies, top & socks: Bangkok, bag: Salvatore Mann

shorts: Volcom, watch: Relic, bracelet: Singapore, shoes: Doc Martens

Love Life;