Sunday, February 17, 2013



After months and months of staying away from the cyber world, I have finally decided to have a blog make-over.
The blog "soul searching" did not happen overnight. I made a lot of research and really pondered on how my new blog will be.
I sacrificed a lot of blog-worthy events to share to you guys but it's ok.
I think now is the time for me to officially publish my new blog.

Welcome to 0613 Zoë Avenue.
Come and walk with me.

Its February and I can already feel the summer heat.
I know wearing this kind of outfit under the sun is not advisable. The thick material of my waxed jacket and pants easily absorbs the heat.
I actually work in the evening and that's my excuse.
I would like to thank mom and dad for my shades.

waxed jeans & jacket: Markus
top: Mogao
bag & shoes: Salvatore Mann
shades: Ray-Ban
watch: Altus
photography: Paulo Caparas

Love Life;


  1. OMG Zoe, your hairrr! :) Anyway, you have the best comment on my Juicy Couture post. I love to be the ambassadress. Perfect ka talaga, that's why I love you. Miss you Zeeeee. :D

    xx Diana

  2. Welcome back Zoe!!
    I love the hair and your new attitude to blogging :)
    Also, looking incredible in this tough outfit. I love it <3

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  3. Hi dear! I just found your blog, Do you want to follow each other? let me know. See you soon and a one big kiss

  4. How did you started a blog if I could remember?....
    Shocked about your hair, did'nt know you can pull it! The military theme goes well with the tropical background.
    anyway, your friend who asked for drawing request did not care to comment on my post of hers, haha...
    Goodluck on the blog quest !

  5. Congrats on figuring out the new direction that you want to take with your blog! I was wondering where you had been! You look absolutely amazing in this outfit and I love your hair!!! I can't wait to see 0613 Zoe Ave in the future :)

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  6. Ang cool ng hair mo!!! :) Buti kinaya mo ang summer heat with all the blacks and leather. hehe.
    Our weather is very bipolar. SO HOT in the afternoons then SUPER COLD at night.
    anyway, good luck with your new adventure and your new blog :))

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  7. oh i really really really love your hairstyle! it totally rocks!