Thursday, February 28, 2013

StyleFile 003


Bangkok Streetstyle

One of the things that will make you fall in love with BKK are the fashionable people. They just love dressing up nice and interesting and clothes there are really cheap!

For the next few entries of StyleFile, I will feature more stylish people of BKK.

This girl has a surprise once she turns around.
Her cool hair!

BKK + Harajuku

And here are some cool dudes of BKK.

 Love Life;


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  2. Man, I wish people were more stylish where I live...its so boring here >_<
    BKK has got some amazingly fashionable people! I love this street style :D

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  4. Great photos! Did you take these at the Chatuchak Market??? Definitely my favorite place near Bangkok!!

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    1. yes! most shots were taken at the Chatuchak market. i love that place! a lot of fashionable items and fashionable people.


  5. So you are from Bangkok?! thats pretty far for me hahaha like Im from America continent haha awesome.

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