Friday, March 22, 2013

Give Trance A Chance


It was a one different friday night as everyone experienced Trance in a different way - "rave", "goa trance", "psy trance".
Shaksuka Project presents "Give Trance A Chance"!
Trance lovers gathered to cheer and dance without any inhibitions.
People were simply enjoying the night with the beautiful music.
It was held in The Roof Restaurant & Bar.
The venue was filled with black lights making almost everything glow in the dark.
Lanterns spinning, neon tops, artworks, skeletons -even our eyes and teeth!
It was very amusing to watch.

I cannot wait for another Psychedelic Party!

Charlene Singson, Kimberly Alvarez & Renee Hasani

Nica Mendoza & Cam Valdeabella
Pat Santos &Lloyd Gonzales
My TTD Family
Nicola Yulo
ME! Trying to create one! haha :p

Love Life;