Friday, October 5, 2012

Pink Friday


This may be way overdue, but I think I just need to share this post to the world.
Now that September has ended, I am wide awake!
Been sleeping the entire time. Ha!
Nah, I was too busy and my laptop was not cooperating well and for some reason I am not comfortable using other pc or laptop.
I think I am too attached with it.
Have you ever experienced it?
I have to catch up and need to update this blog more often, yes?

Anyway, this was taken during our temple tour in Thailand.
I just love how attractive my neon round shades that I got for almost $2.00 or B5.00 to be exact.
My brother Elijah chose it for me.
He knows me too well. Haha
I think my outfit is simple yet eye-catching.
The striped top against my pink shorts is just perfect.
Pink oh pink!

I dont love staying under the sun but for the sake of getting a good shot, natural light is our bestfriend.
Enjoy the heat!

sunnies, top & socks: Bangkok, bag: Salvatore Mann

shorts: Volcom, watch: Relic, bracelet: Singapore, shoes: Doc Martens

Love Life;


  1. Pink short pants look so good on you ;)

  2. OMG you took those photos at one of my favorite places in the world- definitely the most beautiful place I've ever seen!!! And your pink shorts just do the photos justice! :) The twin stars shoes are the best! :) Check out Kawaii Kitsch- I just made a pair for someone last week! ;)
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  3. you're so hot! pink and stripes works well! :)

    visit my blog?

  4. cool glasses :))

  5. funky outfit. Love itt
    Kisses & visit my blog too, it would be an honour for me

  6. such an insanely cool outfit - I love those pink shorts :)