Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dental Care


After having my braces adjusted that afternoon, I suddenly came up with an idea of wearing something preppy for the party. I added the necklace and a pair of boots to give my outfit a bit of a rocker touch to it. I think blue and white are such pretty awesome colors to combine with. It reminds me of the sky and clouds.

top: Gap gifted by my sister Dhee-Ghee, pants: Lee, shoes: JRB Homme, ring: Brunei

The hole so tiny only my pinky can fit in to it! 

Loving Life;


  1. I love this outfit! A denim shirt with white jeans is just perfect <3
    Great collar necklace too. So stylish!

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  2. I love your outfit bro,.!! it's a perfect match ;) Nice ring also hehe