Friday, May 18, 2012

Rhinestone Eyes


This was taken at Labuan Island, Malaysia while we were waiting for our ride to Brunei. The weather was fine and the sun was gentle at 7 in the morning. As I stood in the middle of the parking lot, I can see thru my thrifted shades people whispering at each other and staring at me. It's a sign that they don' t normally see a person wearing bright colored top standing at this beautiful spot where am at. 

top: Bench, undershirt: Guess, pants: Mengqisi, cross necklace: Oxygen, scarf: gifted by my sister, shoes: Underground, watchstrap: Aldo

Bag I bought at a souvenir shop in Malaysia for around RM36.00 ($12.00) in a faux horse leather.

This was taken somewhere in the streets of Brunei.
Since my friends were busy having their money exchanged, I decided to cross the street and have my picture taken of course. I love my scarf gifted by my sister, it's stretchable. You can make put around your neck, wear it as a bandana, on your wrist, a belt or even a scarf on your bag!

Loving Life;


  1. i've got a feeling that you like a handbag like that... there's a term for that scarf, it's called a "snoodie", coz it can be used as hood, scarf and even a mini poncho, also a turban. glad you liked it! I love your sun glasses!