Monday, March 28, 2011

Davao: Night Life

Even though we were dead tired, the Night Life is something that we should not miss.

Hybrid Bar located at Wheels N' More Drive Compound Bajada

Hey Ladies!!!

 Yazmin Bihasa Soriano

Kathy San Blas

Karen May Quiocho Romarate


This one caught my eye! 

 Kar Baltazar and Josh Abz

Kar's Booties.
Tequila baby!

And yes, we danced the night away.


  1. i love the Davao colors and I miss night fun like this, I wish I can do this again with Eric..

  2. i miss partying with you Curee. wish we can do this soon. :)

  3. Mui ka, are you in HK right now? my locator says HK....what ru doing there? yeah, I think i only partied 3x with u when i was there=(

    btw, post more of yourself so the visitors can determine the blog owner and make your pics a lil bit larger...=)

  4. mui kat ing. was at work..duyon maton ham-an HK ang location. how i wish. haha
    indi ang antiguhan magpa bahoe. :(

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  6. Where was Yazmin the whole time in Davao???