Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Conquered Corregidor

The famous place where Americans and Filipinos were in one to save this beautiful country against the invasion of Japanese forces.

Make it a point to visit this historical island. It has a lot of stories to tell.

The ruins.

If these walls could talk.

Thanks Ate Cure for this pair of shoes. visit her: Dear Girl
This place made me more proud of being a Filipino.

Malinta: Full of Leaches.

inside the tunnel.

that's what the world needs...


  1. OMygosh, I just scanned this randomly and I had missed your blog posts, you're very welcome on the shoes, I am glad it fits you right:)! I am sending this link to Eric. He's been wanting to visit Corrigidor:)

    1. Yes! Very useful shoes, used it a lot of times esp with going out of town and doing long walks.
      Never miss this island when you get here!
      Go for overnight to make the trip all worth it.