Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bloggers United 3


June 02, 2012.
Bloggers United 3!!!
I've been waiting for this day to come!
That day was the most anticipated fashion bloggers event in the country!!!
Yes! It's already the third time!
The fashion bloggers bazaar was held in Grandview Events Place, Metropolitan Ave., Makati City.
I was very excited because I will meet in flesh the fashion bloggers I have been following.
Creative, fabulous and fashionable people were everywhere!
I cant help but smile the entire time I was there.
How I wish this event happens all the time!
My bestfriend Karen accompanied me and we just had great time!

Carlos Concepcion

Country''s TOP bloggers: Camille Co & Laureen Uy
The Wonderkid: Aivan Magno
Bjorn Bedayo
Seph Cham
Reg Rodriguez 
Paul Jatayna
Karl Leuterio
Melanie Etuna and Gelo Arucan
Cheyser Pedregosa and Kookie Buhain
David Guison
Robbie Becroft
neon creations of Yekky Balingit

for more pictures: here

Loving Life;


  1. love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  2. Wow, looks like such a fun event! Those neon necklaces are amazing!! I want one!!!


  3. thanks for a very sweet comments on my blog :')
    sure, u shud come here and do some photoshoots :D

  4. Everyone looks so good, love your outfit!!

  5. Amazing outfits!
    Looks like a wonderful event! Must have been fun!

    If you want, check out my blog:

  6. Thanks for dropping by at the bazaar! :)

  7. envy your photos, how i wish i could join one day @ BU4 haha anyway loved your outfit here, so cool