Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Food! Food! Food!

Here are some of the unforgettable food and drinks I have tasted in Singapore.


It is a Chinese-style hotpot. You get to choose a variety of side dishes of raw meat like chicken, pork, beef, liver, minced balls, fish, squid (sotong) and vegetables. You can choose what flavor of soup to have like normal, spicy, Tom Yam and herbal. To cook it, you have to dip it into the hotpot which is kept simmering at a boiling temperature.

Usually it cost $15.00 - $30.00.
But look how much we got ours for!

Yes, only for $5.00.

I had the Prawn Set Meal in Herbal Soup

Paulo had the Fish Set Meal in Normal Soup

If you are not used to of sipping a hot soup, make sure to turn off the flames once the food is cooked.

Along with the Steamboat we bought a very refreshing SUGARCANE JUICE.
You can see how it is being prepared.

It is freshly squeezed in front of you.  


I never tried one before and it looks interesting to me!
It's just a simple bread made of flour, deep fried and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

I loooove to eat bread! It runs in our family.
I usually eat bread for desert!
It completes my meal.


I never tried eating a dragonfruit so to satisfy my curiosity, I opted for a shake.
I had a mash-up of two fruits.
It has a mild taste, not too sweet.


Of course, something that I shouldn't miss -the noodles!

I had the QQ House Specialty.
You can choose to eat it with soup or just dry.
On the menu, they have beef as the main meat. Since I don't eat mammals, I requested for chicken.

The noodles was not overcooked which is really important.
The flavor was a bit bland but they have condiments wherein you can try to mix it to achieve the flavor of your desire.

請慢用 (qǐng màn yòng) - please eat slowly

Loving Life!


  1. The freshness of the food and the vegetables looked very healthy and motivating for a good diet!! When can i possibly go to Singapore?:(

    1. Let's do Asian Tour when you get here. ;) Singapore is a very clean country and yes, the food!!! -it's all healthy. You can rarely see FAT people there.