Sunday, April 3, 2011

Breather 2

On our way home, everyone was getting restless due to the heavy traffic and hungry stomach. Luckily our car was right in front of the restaurant. We think of nothing else but to diminish hunger the quickest way possible.

A cute souvenir. 

Best Seller: Fried Tawilis 

Sizzling Squid

Best Seller: Bulalo (i just had the soup- zo)

Grilled Squid

How can i not love you?

-zo & jo.


  1. omg...i am going to commit suicide on the "pritong" fish....ive never had the frsh one eversince i was here...

    1. You can eat the entire fish (tawilis) -down to it's bones! Frying fish is soooo easy! Treat yourself soon! :) -don't forget the soy sauce with vinegar, calamansi and chili.