Wednesday, August 13, 2014



Last August 02, at SMX Convention Center, we experienced a one-of-kind EDM party with a distinct and dynamic Japanese feel organized and produced by Love & House World and Red Alert Live: Tokyo EDM Invasion.

The organizers brought in the best DJs and performers straight from Japan to give Filipinos a unique Tokyo-like clubbing experience along with Manila's best DJs: Ace Ramos, Deuce Manila, The Zombettes and Curse & Bless.

Performing for the first time in the country, Taiko Master: Makoto Yamamoto kicked off the party. Followed by sets from Djs Ayumi with Tsubee and Daijiro making the audience go crazy. Keeping the Jap vibe, choreographers/dancers, Kai-zen Crew showed their dance moves. The Invasion delivered an amazing visual experience, thanks to Visual Jocks Tsubasa and Dynamo.

Birthday celebrator and the highlight of the night: DJ Dantz! He rocked the finale giving a lasting impression how it's like to party Tokyo style.

DJs Ayumi with Tsubee

Exquisite Geishas, Ninjas, Sumo Wrestler and the love crowd.
BYS Philippines Geisha Girls
Ninja Academy's Parkour Ninjas
VJ Tsubasa
RED Alert's Steph Tablizo and Pat Santos

Our Sumo Shots!

The finale!
DJ Dantz
MC Sam Rhansum

It's a wrap!

#TokyoEDMInvasion 2015?



  1. oh my god i love those geisha girl costumes! how cool! the whole party looks great!

  2. Hands up for EDM festivals! Cheers!!!