Sunday, June 15, 2014



June 13 -Friday the 13th- yes, that's my birthday, I decided to throw a party. This is something I have not done before. It feels awkward. I don't know how it really works. It's funny, yeah. I was anxious the whole day, I was thinking worst things, like, what if none of my guests will arrive. I'm so happy everything turned out right. We all had a great time.

The waiters photobombed us! Haha

Im so happy Saz dropped by, she's going back to Australia the next day. And she gave a very special gift!

 Jen Lorenzen helped me out what to do with my guests and all. I'm such an amateur birthday celebrator.

Glenn made an effort to all the way from Pangasinan just to join us.
Interior Designer Glenn Vitor
Pamela Zuniga and Yazmin Soriano
My brother in B&W and his friends.

 Kisses from Veron!
Veronica Alsol

 Pamela and Chem singing their hearts out.

 Pamela again, now with Yazmin showing off their moves!

My bestfriend Kar surprised me along with Shane.

Fab and Fashionable!
Shane Velasco and Karen Jo Villalva

 The Greatest Guy in the World -Manny.
Manuel Consing

My lovely ladies!

Karen Romarate, Pamela Zuniga, Yazmin Soriano and Joam De Guzman

Yes, it was all worth it! 

Friday the 13th is ain't bad after all.
Yes, celebrate love and life!!!


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